Ghastly, Gruesome and Grim:
Boise's Most Terrible Tales Driving Tour 


Ghastly, Gruesome and Grim: Boise's Most Terrible Tales Driving Tour - (Approximately 10 am to 4 pm) is a true crime and history tour that will live up to its title, taking you to locations where some of the most frightening, shocking and brutal crimes were perpetrated within the vicinity of Boise and Garden City.  A few of these sites and stories are fairly well known, while others have been nearly forgotten as the years passed and more, increasingly sensationalized, news stories drew the gaze of the public elsewhere.  

Starting from within the Old Idaho Penitentiary in East Boise, before heading into town, we will discuss executions, prison hits, and cell block spirits. Many of the sites we'll visit connect right back to the Old Pen; these are the places where the innocent were slain by the guilty, men who often faced death at the end of a rope below the slopes of Table Rock.  We will take you to "murder houses" and haunted houses. You'll visit sites where the remains of the victims of sick and or evil men were discovered by unsuspecting citizens. From a dark basement porn studio, to a church with a dark past and the site of an exorcism, as well as the ruins of an old house in the hills where something nefarious occurred, we'll take you there. 

This is not your basic tour, it's the real deal because, at Idahistory, we're just like you, a little messed up and supremely interested in the darker side of life.  This means we conducted deep dive research, at the archives, to discover the information we supply to you on this tour. That's why no one else will be able to offer what we at Idahistory bring to you with Ghastly, Gruesome, and Grim!

Most importantly, we aim to always represent the victims of each crime in the most respectful way possible. We know the perpetrators of these crimes were found guilty and can discuss them as such. 

We also believe that there's much to be learned by examining crime, whether it's a woman making sure to be as safe as possible while walking to her car after work, having a greater respect for law enforcement, or understanding why more women and minority groups are murdered...there is much to be gained by not shying away from violent events.

Each stop and topic will be contextualized by an historian, the very historian who researches and writes the subjects he then presents to you, his customers! I'm talking about me, Mark Iverson, your guide on this tour. I received my graduate degree in history from Boise State University in 2014 and I have used it every day since then!

On the tour you'll get: 

Free beer from Lost Grove Brewing that we'll keep nice and cold in our motor home's fridge!

A Pizza Lunch at Lost Grove Brewing!

Complimentary bottled water should you need it.

A ride in a badass 1978 GMC Kingsley!

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A Macabre History of Boise Walking Tour




Boise has been painted as a cozy and orderly town where ambitious pioneers prospered despite the isolation of their settlement.   

This, in some ways, is true.

Yet, there are gritty, sordid, and tragic tales in the long chronicle of events from Boise’s past  often subtracted from the historical narrative.


A Macabre History of Boise is a tour focused on the darker side of Boise’s formative years… I will present to you, fans of history, the habitually left out, the cast aside, and the macabre aspects of Boise’s formative years.  

Take note! What is true of Boise’s past is equally true of America’s.




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A Macabre History of Nampa: A Walking Tour

Nampa's founders wanted their town to be a haven of piety, refusing to sell plots to anyone who was planning on building a saloon or gambling hall, earning Nampa the nickname "New Jerusalem". The default prohibition would not last long though; the town would end up with three saloons before it even had a church. 

​This tour examines the dark side of New Jerusalem, the gunslingers, and ghosts. The side that no one wants to talk about; murders, deadly fires, and prostitution. You will learn a little about how the town developed, and a lot about the terrible things that were happening as the city was growing into the Nampa we know today.

Duration: Approximately 1 mile

Length: Approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes

Meet at the fountain at Nampa's Library Square

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Private and Customized Tours:

If you'd just rather not join the crowd, Idahistory will provide private tours of our Macabre History of Boise and Nampa Walking Tours. We will also offer other private tours as we add new events to our offerings. Prices are negotiable and contingent of number of participants.  

We will also create a customized tour based on your interests.  If it's in Idaho, you want to know the history of it, and then go see it...we'll get it done and then some! Prices are dependent on the hours of research and writing involved in creating your custom tour as well as on the number of attendees.  

For further information or to schedule a private or customized tour, please email us at