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IdaHistory News: Murder and Mayhem Book Release

A couple of years ago, IdaHistory partners Mark Iverson and Jeff Wade met. Jeff attended Mark's walking tour, A Macabre History of Boise. Throughout the tour, Jeff was enthralled by the intriguing tales of Boise's underworld. Over the next two weeks, Mark and Jeff talked about history and business over social media. Jeff joked about writing a book on the Macabre History of Boise. It is because of this joke that IdaHistory is proud to announce the publication of Murder and Mayhem in Boise by Mark Iverson and Jeff Wade. The book will be released in stores and online on September 5, 2022.  Murder and Mayhem in Boise takes the reader through the morbid stories of the Boise Valley between the years 1864-1982. Most of these stories are seldom told or were at risk for being forgotten tales. Through ambitious and dedicated research Mark and Jeff were able to capture the lives behind some of Boise’s most gruesome murders.

Press Releases and Media Appearances 

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