Bird's Eye View of Boise - 1890, Courtesy, Boise State Special Collections and Archives

Suffrage Hikers Ca. 1913 - Image Courtesy Library of Congress.
Did you know:
The women of Idaho gained the right to vote in 1896 along with women in Utah that same year. Only in the Territory of Wyoming and the State of Colorado did women earn the right to vote previously, in 1869 and 1893 respectively. In comparison, national suffrage did not become a reality until the ratification of the 19th Amendment on August 18, 1920. Even then, the vote remained mostly restricted to women of color through discriminatory practices and intimidation, though legally they had earned enfranchisement.
Birds Eye View of Boise - 1890 - BSU Dig

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Coming Soon - Morris Hill Self-guided Tours


Coming Soon - Morris Hill Self-guided Tours

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