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Looking to find out more about your family?

Long lost relative you're curious about? Mom's side of the family a complete mystery to you? We can uncover your past and make it real to you and your family. Here at Idahistory it's all we do, bring the past to life that is, so let us help you trace your roots as far back as they go!

Wanting to know more about your property?

Ghost in the attic you'd like to put a name to? Curious about the origins of the house you just bought or lived in for all your life? Do you think a den of thieves once took up clandestine residency on your parcel of land? Give us a ring and we'll find out for you!

Needing help developing a curriculum?

Trying to create a history presentation for your class or business? Has developing a curriculum covering local history turned into an unexpected pain? We can do the leg work for you! We are experienced in developing original content including, curriculum, history presentations, books and articles, and historical tour scripts. If it involves history, we can handle it so you don't have to!

​Praise from IdaHistory Customers

"Idahistory created an in-depth and developmentally appropriate local history unit for our students, with a focus on the anthropological use of the Boise River - from traditional Native American societies through the Industrial Revolution and modern age. EverWild Forest School students now have the unique opportunity to learn about their local and natural communities through direct engagement and historically accurate education programming."  Erica Hermsen - Director of Everwild Forest School

"I met with Mark of Idahistory, after seeing his information on Instagram about researching the history of homes in the Boise area. I was intrigued at the thought of all the people and their lives that lived in my home since 1936. He delivered on his promises and gave me the chain of title of previous owners as well as a wonderful history lesson of my home and the local history of the area. Idahistory's research service is well worth the money and you may be surprised at what he is able to find. I would reccomend his service to all. Thank you!" 
Leslie Johnson - Property Research

"Had these guys research family info and about the house my Dad grew up in. And the history on the house my husband and I own. Great info much of the family info I did not know. Well worth the cost!!!" - Tammy Gusman - Genealogy Customer


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