What it's about:


History is my life; it's what I think about, talk about, dream about, and it's how I teach my kids about the world. I love to entertain and educate, that's how I present history to my friends and family, as entertainment...therefore:


Idahistory Tours is first and foremost about combining entertaining and scholarly history. Idaho's history takes many forms; it is diverse, tragic, at times inspiring, and even humorous. It is my aspiration to contextualize important, but rarely explored facets from Idaho's past. Most importantly, I intend to learn from and about our patrons, because it is history's focus on the human condition that makes it meaningful.


What Idahistory Can Do For You:


Idahistory offers a service that doesn’t tell you what to think, but rather seeks to layout all the sources of information we find throughout the many archives and databases we access, tying it all into an informative and entertaining historical narrative. We want you to draw your own conclusions with the information presented. We hope you enjoy the articles and posts on our social media and website. Please book a tour to see us in action!

In addition to guided tours, we also offer the following:

1. Customized Tours

2. Self-guided tours for download

3. Historical research


Get in touch //  // idahistorytours@gmail.com
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