IdaHistory Tours is first and foremost about combining entertaining and scholarly history. Idaho's

history takes many forms; it is diverse, tragic, at times inspiring, and even humorous.

Our mission is to make our history accessible to everyone through social media, books, apps, and tours.


We value proper research and having fun while we are doing it.

We also offer custom historical research services. Want to know the history of your property or about your family history? We can research it for you.

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It's a bird, it's a plane...it's Mark pointing out a doctor's office where creepy, and painful quack medicine  was administered.

Photo Courtesy Natalie @hellomeridian

Mark Iverson

Mark grew up on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where he followed around bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Mark joined the Peace Corps and spent time in The Balkans. He moved to Idaho in 2009 and founded Idahistory in 2019. He earned his graduate degree from BSU, and is currently pursuing his PhD. in Holocaust and genocide studies from Gratz College in Philadelphia. He is a huge metal head and collects vintage Star Wars toys. 

Jeff pulling out the ol' knife hand to draw attention to something...macabre. We do a lot of pointing in this business. 

Photo Courtesy Erica @everwildforestschool

Jeff was born here in the greatest state of the Union. He holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and has worked in public service for almost 13 years.  He published his first book, Brave as a Lion: Jeff Standifer and the Knights of the Golden Circle in December of 2019 and was the creater, co-host and producer of Cascadia Podcast: History of the Pacific Northwest. He is also a huge metal head, but of a slightly different era.  

Jeff Wade